About CloudFountain Inc.

What is CloudFountain?

A group of people who defied the mainstream development and delivery models, understanding its severe drawbacks, came up with an idea to present a new model for application development and IT services delivery. CloudFountain promotes this model to effectively bring down the cost of application development, yet maintain the high standards and give more control to the client in managing the structure of the team.

CloudFountain Team

Each member of CloudFountain is an expert in various technologies e.g. ERP/CRM, SOA, Agile and verticals like healthcare, finance, retail, publishing.

Each member has an independent ideology and is independent to be creative. CloudFountain promotes the idea that each individual working in CloudFountain is not merely an employee but a valuable member. CloudFountain was initiated with the perception that it provides a right environment for individuals to be members rather than employees.

perceive that an individual is more productive and innovative and thereby is more beneficial to the customer when he is a member of an community rather than doing a job for a company.

What do we do?

At CloudFountain, we develop applications, provide testing, maintenance and support services. We have a team of dedicated software engineers who are experienced in advanced technologies and innovative in their approach.

CloudFountain provides following solutions:

  • Cloud based applications (Salesforce.com, AWS, Heroku)
  • SOA architecture design, development and governance
  • n-tier applications
    1. mobile based applications
    2. Web Portal development
  • Custom Software services, support and maintenance
  • Offshore development services and setup
  • Salesforce.com, PeopleSoft, Agile and SOA training