“Delight your employees to Delight your Customers”

Good customer service is an integral part of any organization.

“Gamification is not about turning work into a game, but is instead about offering a new means by which employees can be better engaged through performance quantification, rapid feedback loops and a sense of progression” says Adam Holtby, research analyst at Ovum.

In other words gamification is about “human focused” strategies to encourage employees behavior towards the customers.

The motto of gamification process is to make employees’ Job Function their Job Essence. Job Function is the roles and responsibilities assigned to an employee where as Job Essence is their top most priority at work.

Without the focus on job essence, both the customer care representative and customers are trapped in the traditional customer service experience. This causes the employee to feel that work is monotonous and uninspiring.

Hence Customer Service Gamification should be about both Job Function and Job Essence.

Insights from psychology and neuroscience show that small changes in the workplace can bring big effects.

Let’s have a glance at the gamification approach and how it changes the game at workplace:

  •  Badges and Rewards (Encouragement Drink to Employees)

In our busy day we all need energy drink to complete our work schedule in the same way when it comes to the monotonous work schedule of customer service representatives, perks and incentives would prove out to be a great source of encouragement to them. Answering to hundreds of calls a month and large amount of unchallenging tasks causes disengagement of employees in the organization.

To keep your employees motivated badges and rewards needs to be awarded for their dedication and hard work. For example: The employee with highest call volume is presented with the badge of Customer Relationship Evangelist.  This act of award would boost the morale of employee and encourage him to work harder.

“Gamification boosts the quality of Customer Service Experience .”

  • Friendly Competition

Create a competitive atmosphere at workplace that inspires the employee to perform better. Some of the tried and tested aspects are by putting whiteboards and real time leader boards at workplace. For example: Names of the employees with higher positive feedbacks flashes on the leader boards or the one who achieves the target of the month gets the place on the whiteboard as “Performer of the Month”. This would not only encourage the Employee but also create a spirit of competition amongst other employees of the organization to work harder and achieve the recognition.

  • Challenges enhances participation:

Initially start with simple challenges to get employee engagement and then transitional change towards business targets. A chain of challenging tasks ensures sustainable engagement at the workplace.

  •  Employee Retention:

Employees are awarded with badges and rewards to appreciate their hard work, they stay longer on the job. 78% of the US customer service executives who are recognized and rewarded for their hard work stay longer with their company.

  • Salesforce Gamification solutions to improve the performance at workplace

Thinking out of the box is very important to gamify employee performance. CloudFountain provides Salesforce gamification solutions which have proved out to be an effective way to maintain the job essence of employees. With the help of Salesforce gamification solutions you can run interesting contests like customer service and sales contests and leaderboards to create a healthy competition environment at workplace.

  • Measuring ROI:

Now comes the most important factor behind gamification of customer service desk and that is scalability of performance. Primary factors of measuring call center employees’ performance are

  • Time waiting for customers
  • Time to close calls
  • Number of first fixes
  • Number of calls completed
  • Taking customer surveys for feedback

Motivated and Happy Employees results into increased productivity and better customer service experience. Hence a gamified workplace gives challenging and encouraging face to the world of help desks and customer services centers.

When are you planning to gamify your workplace?

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