What is CPQ? It is a software tool that helps companies generate quotes more quickly and efficiently for the products and/or services they offer.

In today’s world, we like to have things our way and that too which suits our need. We tend to have as much customization as we can in our lives and in our day to day tasks. Why not have it when buying services? So, in the world of buying/selling products, a company should come up with ways of providing a combination of their offering.

CPQ software helps to manage the price of all products and services. It enables the sales team to create quotes with an actual price that includes an additional discount, block price, and total percentage. Advanced pricing rules can be defined to handle volume discount, number of subscription, channel and partner pricing.

CPQ software provides the solution to all the three major steps of any business that is selling a product. With just a few clicks, a sales rep can create quotes, and have a document in a pdf format, send an email that has e-signature. All this can be done with accuracy using steelbrick.

C- Configure Products P-Pricing and Discount Q-Quote
  • The process of identifying and combining the product and services based on customer needs.
  • CPQ software enables the sales team to align customer requirements following business rules and constraints.
  • When buying a product, a customer would look for and be attracted to deals wherein they get more discount or bundle price.
  • It is very difficult to maintain different pricing, bundle price and discounts without a software and if a salesperson misquotes the price, it would lead to a disinterested customer and loss of the deal.
  • A company cannot earn unless and until a deal gets closed with a presentable quote.
  • Sales reps put in a lot of time and effort in earning an opportunity from a potential buyer and unless and until he comes up with a correct quote and that too in a presentable and understandable format. The buyers wouldn’t budge, or the deal wouldn’t go through.
  • Quotes are filled with correct data and sent directly to the customer through various channels like pdf, email, DocuSign, print to name few.

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