How does Riva sync contacts and leads with Exchange?

For any Cloud-Based CRM Sync Service for Exchange, Notes, and Google; Riva Cloud is the quickest and easiest way to sync your CRM and email system. Riva Cloud was the first cloud-based CRM sync service to support multiple CRMs.

Riva also provides sync features to:

  • increase sales
  • drive CRM value
  • reduce flip-flopping between applications
  • Deliver seamless access to Salesforce contacts, calendars, tasks, opportunities, cases, contracts, custom objects

How does Riva sync contacts and leads with Exchange?

  1. Define Sync policy: The Sync policy uses CRM connection for the target user and identifies the corresponding email account.
  2. First Time Sync: Once the User has been added to the sync policy, for the first time Riva syncs a filtered list of contacts and leads from the CRM  and creates contact records in Exchange for that user.
  3. Normal Data Sync: Riva supports unidirectional and bidirectional data sync between CRM and Exchange.

How Does Riva Sync Your Calendar Events and Tasks?

  1. First Time Sync: Once the user has been added to the sync policy, Riva runs the first time sync process and syncs the calender items of the user from CRM and creates those in the user’s primary calender on Exchange.Event Sync: Task Sync:
  2. Normal Sync: Riva supports unidirectional and bidirectional sync between CRM and Exchange for events and tasks.

Create and Sync Summary emails for CRM module data (e.g. Opportunities)

Riva creates summary emails in the Exchange mailbox in modules folder. Each email contains information about one item (e.g. an opportunity) and a button or website link to the open the item in view or edit mode in CRM.

Archive emails against CRM users, contacts & leads

First time Sync: Riva creates a folder structure for “Drop folders” during the first time sync. Users can sync email to CRM by moving it into appropriate drop folder.

Normal data Sync: Riva by default archives emails, and matches email recipients to the CRM user first, then to CRM contacts and then to CRM Leads.

– Pavan Kumar & Ketan Benegal

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