AI ML Development Services

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Businesses in today’s time realize the significance of data and want to make the most out of it. To do so, they need technology not only to process the data into meaningful insights but also to extract it from diverse sources. Here Machine Learning and AI Solutions come into play.

We as an AI/ML Software Development Company provide you with a range of advanced AI-based solutions that help you make strategic decisions for your business backed by data.

With CloudFountain get the most seasoned AI ML team dedicated to your development project.

Benefits of our AI/ML services

Sophisticated ML models

Together, we prepare immaculate data sets that enable effective ML modelling. Further, we also code systems to collect, refine, streamline, and organize data so that you can be relieved of these mundane tasks and get superior performance from the model.

Model implementation

You need not sweat model implementation as our team seamlessly integrates it into your existing system such that your capabilities are multiplied and your business is powered for growth.

Easy recovery

With physical systems, you need to be ready with regular backups at different physical locations in case a system failure or other such incident occurs. Not only is it troublesome but expensive. Cloud computing with AWS relieves you from exhaustive recovery management.

Ongoing support

Not only do we deploy efficient ML solutions but also maintain them to keep up their performance. We track the parameters, conduct different tests and scrutinize outcomes for unparallel business benefits.

ML consultation

We extend expertized machine learning software development services with a strategic approach to help business plan ahead for their ML implementation and training process. We ensure you attain maximum utilization of our models.

Our AI and Machine Learning Development Services

Computer Vision

For many businesses, images and videos are crucial sources of data. With activity tracking, object detection, smart surveillance and more our intelligent systems process real-world images and videos to provide you with data for analysis. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies, we develop solutions for image sensing, object detection and labeling, and analysis from images or videos.

NLP (Natural Language Processing)

Delivering pleasant experiences to consumers is vital for modern-day businesses. And, to better understand incoming data from different sources, we use Natural Language Processing algorithms for our clients. It enables the translation of statistical data, OCR (Optical character recognition), speech analysis and more. These systems are beneficial in various sectors such as healthcare, customer care, and many others.

Chatbot development

People in the digital world want things fast. Your customers want quick responses to their queries while employees want relief from mundane tasks to focus on tasks that need their attention. Chatbots have been well embraced across different industries such as finance, travel, HR, and more. Our Chatbots are capable of detecting patterns, NLP, contextual Responses, and achieving feedback from users and more.

BI (Business Intelligence) solutions

As a machine learning company in Boston, we create data handling and modeling, business intelligence (BI), and machine learning technologies to automate decision-making, assist decision-makers in your organization in identifying business risks, and remain vigilant. Warehouses of data, ETL systems, sophisticated data visualization tools, and reporting tools are all created by our AI/ML professionals.

Speech recognition

We aid businesses in improving their communication with their users. Our AI-based speech and voice recognition systems have served in distinct industrial segments such as automotive, healthcare, finance, customer services, law, and advisory among others. Our voice recognition systems can be integrated with business applications including renowned digital assistants.

Process of development

Data assembly

The process of developing an ML model begins with collecting data of all types, structured and unstructured. We then define the system requirement for the development of your ML model.

The development

Based on the data, we develop ML models followed by training and testing to achieve the highest level of performance identical to the business requirement. We ensure the accuracy of the developed model.

The deployment

Once the development, training and testing is complete, the finished system is then deployed with your existing system for better integration. You can then start leveraging your business data.

Maintenance and support

Time and again, we assess the performance and roll back to defined parameters to maintain retrieving desired outputs. We provide ongoing support to help you achieve the best performance from the model.

Ready to be your machine learning solutions company

With a long working history of developing AI ML systems for different businesses, we understand the significance of quality data and thoughtful training of a model being developed. Therefore, everything developed under our roof is superior in terms of quality and effectiveness.

At CloudFountain, we know your business requirements are unique and hence we create solutions that are up to the mark with industry standards and relevant to your needs. Briefly, we give you five reasons to choose us as your machine learning development company.

  • Multi-Industries ML Expertise
  • Models of Flexible Engagement
  • Dynamic Development
  • Customized Solution
  • Procedure Openness


Your business can achieve a lot with proper ML deployment such as demand prediction, pattern identification, object detection, automation of mundane tasks and more. It is ideal to get a machine learning consulting services with us to develop a solution that is useful for your business.

Without much human input, machine learning algorithms can learn, recognise patterns, and make good choices. They would improve efficiency, accuracy, and drastically minimise or eliminate human error.

AI is a vertical of computer science wherein the focus lies in creating intelligent systems that replicate human intelligence such that they are able to react or give an output to help human in making crucial decisions based on data. We as a Machine Learning software development company optimize your business processes with our advanced AI ML solutions.

Why CloudFountain?

CloudFountain is a trusted IT partner and solutions provider that is committed to helping you achieve your business objectives by implementing strategies that are unique to your business. We don’t just follow instructions – we unleash the full potential of your vision. Our global team of more than 150 skilled developers and consultants approaches every project holistically, providing comprehensive, scalable, and extensible development roadmaps.