Salseforce Quickstart Package

What is QuickStart package?

Salesforce QuickStart Packages represent a pantheon of specialized service offerings designed to expedite the implementation process of Salesforce products. Conceptualized as turnkey solutions, these packages encapsulate a set of predefined services aimed at swiftly and efficiently setting up specific Salesforce functionalities within a predefined scope and timeline.

Who is a CloudFountain QuickStart for?

Small business starting with Salesforce.

Charity starting with the Nonprofit Success Pack.

Growing companies that need scalable and optimized workflows.

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    Benefits of QuickStart Packages

    Speedy Implementation

    Accelerate the implementation process, enabling organizations to go live with their Salesforce solution swiftly, often within weeks.

    Reduced Costs

    These packages are cost-effective compared to full-scale custom implementations. They offer an affordable entry point for businesses starting with Salesforce.

    Minimized Risk

    By following a proven, standardized process, QuickStart Packages minimize the risk of implementation issues or unexpected challenges.

    Focused Scope

    The packages come with a well-defined scope, eliminating the likelihood of project sprawl, and keeping the implementation focused on achieving specific outcomes.

    Expert Guidance

    QuickStart Packages are typically delivered by experienced Salesforce consultants. Their expertise and knowledge help ensure a successful implementation.

    Improved Adoption

    With basic training included in most QuickStart packages, users can understand and adopt the new system more easily, thus increasing the overall user adoption rate.

    Data Migration Support

    These packages often include support for initial data migration, which can be a complex task for many businesses.


    While the packages cover standard, out-of-the-box functionality, they usually also include a degree of customization, ensuring the solution fits the unique needs of the business.


    QuickStart Packages provide documentation outlining the system’s setup and configuration, serving as a reference for future modifications or troubleshooting.

    Quick Return on Investment (ROI)

    By facilitating a faster implementation, QuickStart Packages enable organizations to start reaping the benefits of their Salesforce solution sooner, thereby accelerating the realization of ROI.

    Kick-start your Salesforce journey

    If you are ready to get started, arrange an appointment so you can leverage these benefits as soon as possible.

    What you’ll get with one of our Salesforce QuickStart Implementation

    • A configured Salesforce solution matching your business goals
    • A scalable Salesforce foundation for your digital transformation
    • A best practice implementation with high-quality data
    • A standardized process for guaranteed results
    • Automations to accelerate processes and save user time
    • Remote or Hybrid engagement to match your needs
    • Data Migration from any existing tool or service
    • Tailored reports to track KPIs and insights into long-term performance
    • Customized end-user training with hands-on examples that encourage user adoption
    • Optional Admin training so your team can continually evolve your platform
    • Self-access user training materials with long-term access
    • A roadmap for future transformation

    Types of CloudFountain Salesforce QuickStart Packages

    Standard QuickStart

    • Limited Engagement
    • Variety of Cloud options
    • Completed in as little as 4 weeks
    • Training resource and documentation

    Hybrid QuickStart

    • Onsite delivery
    • Optional integration
    • Optional Admin training workshops

    Types of Cloud Fountain Salesforce QuickStart packages

    Can’t find the Cloud you are looking for?

    QuickStart Implementations are limited in scope which is why we don’t offer every Salesforce Cloud. If you are looking for a different solution, get in touch with our Consulting team for a tailored quote.

    Industry Solutions


    Increase the impact of your organization towards its goal with tools for project management, fundraising and more.


    Create, manage and sell a complex lineup of products while maintaining complex machinery thanks to your Salesforce solution.

    Travel & Hospitality

    Provide memorable experiences for your guests with solutions for marketing, sales and support.


    Fill vacancies faster with a unified platform to find, manage and match candidates to post fast.

    Energy & Utilities

    Provide constant service through solutions to manage machinery, deliver support and sell complex orders.

    Financial Services

    Provide more effective financial advice, faster with automations and AI smarts in a platform that meets the highest data security standards.


    Provide more engaging shopping experiences that drive revenue, whether they are in store, online or across channels.

    Healthcare & Life Sciences

    Deliver exceptional care and simplify scheduling management with a tailored Salesforce solution.

    Media & Entertainment

    Keep your audience engaged with a solution that helps connect with audiences, and monetize content.


    Get better connected with your customers with Salesforce solutions to help you deliver constant service.


    Stay at the forefront of innovation with Salesforce solutions to help you work smarter and more agile.

    Our Experts, Working For You

    Why Choose CloudFountain Consulting?

    We are a global full-service Salesforce® Platinum Consulting Partner, PDO Expert, Consulting Partner and Tableau Partner, delivering innovation for all sizes of clients across the entire Salesforce platform.

    2000+ projects

    with over 350 clients across 12 years, delivering high quality projects with CSATs averaging 4.8/5


    industry and cloud expertise coupled with best-in-class ISV app partners to deliver perfect solutions


    to deliver effectively for all projects from quick starts to multi-year enterprise transformation programs

    16 offices

    in 12 countries with client facing teams in EU, UK, Canada & USA and delivery hubs at scale in Poland, Bulgaria and the Philippines


    client services including consulting, outsourcing, custom development and managed services


    blend of local and remote certified experts to provide engagement and delivery that is right for your business

    The CloudFountain QuickStart Process

    To make sure your Salesforce implementation both follows best-practices and is tailored to your needs, we require a limited, but crucial amount of materials and meetings. In addition to weekly update calls we hold:

    1. Kick-off call

    During this approximately hour long call, we confirm requirements and deadlines as well as plan upcoming events in all stakeholders agendas to ensure the rest of the engagement goes smoothly.

    Approximately 60 minutes

    2. Discovery

    Using a best practice pre-configured Salesforce environment we show you possible solutions and clarify your requirements and needs. Depending on the complexity we typically plan 2 x 2 hour remote meetings or on-site if requested.

    Two 120 minutes meetings

    3. Preparation for data migration

    We start the data migration process at the beginning of the project so we stay ahead of schedule. We provide ready to use templates and guidelines so all you need to do is complete them.

    Dependent on quantity of data

    4. Show and tell configuration

    Throughout the project, we will take you on tours through your Salesforce platform to ensure it matches your needs. It’s your chance to provide feedback to refine your platform.

    Once a week

    5. End user training

    Once we have configured your platform, we hold End User Training so every person in your organization knows how to use their new solution.

    120-180 minutes

    6. User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

    Concurrently, we begin UAT where your team tests their implementation to ensure there are no issues and it matches their requirements.

    7. Post- go live support

    Our team is on standby for the first weeks after deployment to ease the transition and address any issues that emerge from full-time use.

    Get a best practice Salesforce platform with our experts

    Our experts are ready to start on your Salesforce implementation. By leveraging their experience, you’ll get a best practice implementation, fast.

    Our Global Clients experiencing success in expanding their businesses!


    Our most popular QuickStart packages are Sales Cloud and the Nonprofit Success Pack. Both of these often serve as the foundation for a client’s Customer 360 platform due to the core business function they cover.

    CloudFountain Consulting has a wealth of experience in our QuickStart projects and broader consulting work. We leverage our past experience and filter it down to our CloudFountain Accelerators and best-practice QuickStart Implementations. You’ll always have the same consultant throughout the project and our hybrid approach and deep bench mean we can leverage cost-effective resources when needed to tackle trickier challenges.

    Each QuickStart package comes with a guaranteed Salesforce Implementation (cloud determined by your package) with data migrated from your existing system. Every project is delivered by a dedicated consultant backed by our team of testers. Each project includes discovery calls, show and tell update sessions, User Acceptance Testing and training workshops to ensure adoption.

    Unlike a traditional consulting engagement, a QuickStart focuses on realizing value from a Salesforce investment fast. By establishing a foundation focused on a limited set of functionalities, organizations can optimize performance, become familiar with Salesforce and then plan their next steps.

    QuickStart implementations are limited in scope and designed for a configured, stock solution matched to business needs. However, even the following items, which are outside its scope can be added or implemented in a second phase:

    • Payment system integration
    • Custom code
    • Payment processing
    • Custom mobile configuration
    • Marketing automation
    • Mailbox integration
    • Third-party storage integration
    • Middleware configuration
    • And most other integrations

    The price of a QuickStart Implementation depends on the exact choice of Cloud, and whether you are looking for a standard or hybrid QuickStart. Get in touch for a full price list.

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