Application Support

Ready to go live with your new app? We provide the quality customer service required to build excitement, troubleshoot, and respond to user inquiries.

Go-Live Application Support

Whether you are about to rollout fresh new implementation or new features of Salesforce, you want to generate the excitement for the release and ensure that 100% user adoption is achieved to ensure the best return on your investment. At this point, efficient Level 1 and Level 2 support is most critical. CloudFountain Inc. has stood behind its clients during such releases to provide the optimum quality of Level 1 and Level 2 support. We provide these support for the following areas:

  • Salesforce(Architecture, Integrations, Lightning/Apex development, Customization
  • AWS(EC2, S3, Lambda, MSK, Elasticsearch, RDS, etc)
  • Heroku
  • Open Source and .Net applications
  • Big Data applications
  • ETL and ESB tools
  • Database applications (Oracle, MSSQL, NoSQL, Cassandra, MongoDB, etc.)

Application Support

We are strong proponent of best practices and enable our clients to adhere to such standards to ensure delivery excellence and successful outcomes. Each project, release and application has its own unique set of nuances, risks and demands. We are adept at structuring our Application Support plans according to the need of the client and the project.

Application Outsourcing

CloudFountain outsourcing teams provide are unique mix of industry, IT, data centric and Technology expertise. By maintaining a consistent team who are familiar with your applications, environment and business practices, we are able to provide a holistic approach to enhancing and upgrading your systems. Our holistic approach allows for daily operational support while also providing application experts able to develop and deploy enhancements that keep your applications up to speed with your evolving business requirements. CloudFountain can provide remote support including services such as:

  • Incident management to return your system to an operational state as quickly as possible
  • Problem management to determine root causes of Incidents and eliminate them
  • System administration to remove the burden of tasks from your client business team members
  • Documentation development, maintenance, knowledge transfer and training
  • Proactive system monitoring to reduce issues impacting end users
  • Change and environment management to control code and configuration changes to production
  • Audit and ad-hoc reporting management to address the vital needs on-demand

Why CloudFountain?

CloudFountain is a trusted IT partner and solutions provider that is committed to helping you achieve your business objectives by implementing strategies that are unique to your business. We don’t just follow instructions – we unleash the full potential of your vision. Our global team of more than 150 skilled developers and consultants approaches every project holistically, providing comprehensive, scalable, and extensible development roadmaps.