Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Quick Start Package

Completion Timeline: Approximately 4 Weeks
Call +1 516 637 2191 or email for more information.

Project Kickoff and Business Process Reviews

We’ll discuss your finalized goals for Salesforce, including a customization plan for your sales process.

Salesforce® Integration

Install and enable the Marketing Cloud Account Engagement connector.

Technical Setup

We will set up website tracking code to log visitor activity

Marketing Asset and Integration Setup

  • Create one email template
  • Set up one landing page
  • One form or form handler

Engagement Studio Setup

  • We will set up Engagement studio, the lead generation of Marketing Cloud Account Engagement.
  • One drip campaign setup

Salesforce Training

One hour of custom-recorded training to fully implement Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

Salesforce Engage Setup

We will set up Salesforce Engage for Marketing Cloud Account Engagement which provides marketing automation for sales.

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