Quip Quick Start Package

Completion Timeline: Approximately 4 Weeks
Call +1 516 637 2191 or email support@thecloudfountain.com for more information.

Project Kickoff and Business Process Reviews

We’ll review the project plan for implementation, introduce you to our team of experts, and request access to your Salesforce org.

Install Quip Managed Package

We’ll install the quip starter managed package to integrate with Salesforce and setup the integration features

Embed Documents in Salesforce

We’ll embed Account Plans, Opportunity Notes, or one custom templates in your Salesforce records and set the access level for documents created from a template.

Setup Automation, Lightning Components, and Global Actions

We’ll setup automation to create a document from a template when a new record is created or when one or more conditions are met, create a global action to allow users to create documents no matter where they are in Lightning Experience, and set up the Quip Document Component and the Quick Associated Documents Component to enrich collaboration.


We’ll perform a custom, one-hour training session to train on the Salesforce and Quip Integration

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