Salesforce Revenue Intelligence Quick Start Package

Completion Timeline: Approximately 4 Weeks
Call +1 516 637 2191 or email for more information.

Project Kickoff and Business Process Reviews

We’ll kick off the project and discuss your goals with Revenue Intelligence as well as the data sync and recipes needed for your insights dashboards.

Revenue Intelligence Analytics App

We’ll install and configure the Revenue Intelligence Analytics App to meet the needs of your business. On the homepage, we will surface Opportunity Insights. The Pipeline inspection & Opportunity scoring components will also be configured to prioritize customers and their needs.

Data Sync & Recipes Schedule

We’ll configure a data sync with your Salesforce data. This includes running a CRM Analytics recipe to create the dataset and schedule them to run in sequence.

Revenue Insights Dashboards

We’ll configure the three Revenue Insights dashboards: Overview, Team Performance, and Sales Performance, to help sales teams understand trends and gain performance insights to build stronger pipelines.

Einstein Activity Capture & Collaborative Forecasting

We’ll enable Einstein Activity Capture to sync emails, events and/or contacts to Salesforce from Outlook or Google. Collaborative Forecasting will be configured to help predict and plan the sales cycle from pipeline to closed sales.

Revenue Intelligence Training

We’ll provide one hour of training on how to configure the Revenue Insights dashboards by adding additional filters.

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