Aws Amplify vs Firebase: Which to Choose and why?

AWS and Firebase both are popular backend services for web and mobile app development. However, Amplify offers a more comprehensive set of features and services as compared to Firebase. It enables users with more ease and flexibility, making it a better choice for complex projects requiring customization.

As a company offering AWS Serverless Apps Development Services, we want to highlight a few differences between both these platforms. Here are some key differences between the two:

Platform Support

AWS Amplify supports web and mobile app development on multiple platforms including iOS, Android, React Native, and Angular. Firebase, on the other hand, is primarily focused on mobile app development and supports iOS, Android, and web platforms.

Serverless Architecture

Both Amplify and Firebase support serverless architecture, which means developers don’t have to manage servers and can focus on building applications. However, Amplify is built on top of AWS Lambda and other AWS services, while Firebase has its own serverless platform.

Integration with Other Services

AWS Amplify has seamless integration with other AWS services such as AWS Cognito, DynamoDB, and S3 for authentication, database, and storage respectively. Firebase offers integrations with Google services such as Google Cloud Functions, Google Analytics, and Google Ads. Companies offering AWS Cloud Consulting Services ensure that they offer a way to seamlessly integrate other services as well to the existing system.


Both Amplify and Firebase offer a free tier with limited features. AWS Amplify’s pricing is based on usage of various AWS services, while Firebase offers a pricing model based on usage of features such as authentication, storage, and database.

Final words

In summary, AWS Amplify is more suited for developers who are already using AWS services and want seamless integration, while Firebase is more suited for mobile app development with a focus on Google services. However, to know more about which to choose for your project, it’s best to consult AWS Professional Services Consultant so that you make the right decision.

Author: CloudFountain

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