Benefits of Salesforce and Why Salesforce Communities Matter

One of the easiest ways to drive away potential customers from your business is to give them a poor reception at the front desk. The same is true for digital businesses, except that most companies have one or more solutions to help them manage their customer relations instead of a front desk.

There are many integrated solutions used by businesses to handle all their Customer Relations problems. Solutions range from email messaging and virtual assistants to chatbots who have been programmed to give specific answers to inquiries. At the forefront is the CRM platform created by one of the earliest cloud-based companies, SalesForce.

What does Salesforce Do?

In addition to CRM software, Salesforce also provides enterprise applications focused on customer service, marketing automation, analytics, and application development.

At the core, Salesforce is a platform that empowers businesses to connect. One of the main features that facilitate this function is Salesforce Communities.

Salesforce Communities

With Salesforce, there are three key community types: 

Essentially Salesforce communities are brand spaces that help brands interact with their publics and collaborate with them using relevant data and content. It is an online social platform where users can connect and discuss various topics of interest.

Using Salesforce communities, customers can have their questions answered, review threads of discussions that provide valuable information, form relationships with other customers, and many more.

Famous brands like Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Walmart, Dell, Nokia, Lowe’s, and TEDx use communities for various reasons, including connecting customers from around the globe and reducing the caseload for their contact centers and support agents.

Advantages of Salesforce Communities

Most Digital Customer communities provide the following benefits to the businesses who implement them: 

For Salesforce, here are a few advantages that set it apart from other similar solutions:

1. Quick and Easy Integration of Brand Identity

Salesforce provides the option of building communities with pre-packages themes and settings. However, there is an easy way to integrate custom themes and consistent templates for those who want their community to stay true to their brand.

2. 24/7 Connection from anywhere in the World.

Salesforce community allows users all over the world to connect and collaborate on projects. There are no time restrictions on the platform, and users can access shared files for long periods after they were originally accessed.

All this allows solutions to be arrived at faster, as all the users have access to the shared data, which can be used as reference points for resolving conflicts.

3. Highly Customizable for Unique Brand Experiences

Salesforce communities can be easily tailored to meet the specific needs of the users and the type of interaction required. Using the Experience builder tool, you can adjust various parameters and user controls such as access levels, themes, etc.

Salesforce You can also customize recommendations to drive community engagement towards specific projects. If there is a new training mandated for employees, you can customize the nature and frequency of reminders to urge employees to undertake it promptly. A new policy can be boldly displayed or regularly sent to notify partners on the community platform for accessible communication.

Salesforce communities allow you to control user access down to the individual. This provides some level of security for the channels of communication within the Salesforce platform.

4. User Friendly and Engaging platform.

Salesforce communities encourage communication and collaboration between teams and members of the same team. It supports the transfer of files and media between users, which broadens the spectrum of sharing in the communities.

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