In this blog post, we are going to explain how to create a Lightning Bolt Solution and distribute it. Before that let’s see what a Lightning Bolt Solution is.

Do you have at least one Lightning Community template, a custom app, or a flow category that you want to distribute? Then you’re ready to create a Lightning Bolt Solution. With Lightning Bolt Solutions, you can combine custom Lightning apps, business process flows, and Lightning Community templates and pages in easy-to-build, distributable packages.

Lightning Bolt for Salesforce: Build Once, Then Distribute and Reuse

Lightning Bolt for Salesforce lets you quickly build and distribute industry-specific Lightning Bolt Solutions to jump-start new org capabilities. Save time by building once and then reusing. Whether it’s for your own org or you’re a consulting partner or ISV, you can reduce the time required to implement solutions and cut development costs.

Bolt Solutions address the needs of specific industries and functions with tailored apps and business processes. They include:

  • Custom Apps
  • Flow Categories
  • Community Templates


You’re an ISV who builds a custom insurance agent app. The app includes automation to create coverage estimates and automatically notify customers of the results. Using a Lightning Bolt Solution, you can easily bundle your app and business process flows into a single package. Distribute the package to your customers to install in their Salesforce orgs, or market the solution on AppExchange.


From Setup, enter Lightning Bolt Solutions in the Quick Find box, and select Lightning Bolt Solutions. Click on the button “create the first one”.

On the Details and Branding page, enter information about your solution. For example, enter your company and solution names, and list the solution’s key features. Click Next.

On the Solution Highlights page, add any combination of Community templates, flow categories, and custom apps. Click Next.

Review the Summary page, and click Finish. The new Lightning Bolt Solutions is now ready for distribution.

Review Summary and Create Lightning Bolt Solution.


You can upload the package to AppExchange to share or sell the solution.

A package is a container for something as small as an individual component or as large as a set of related apps. Packages come in two forms—managed and unmanaged. It is recommended to use only managed packages to avoid naming conflicts with other packages in your customer’s org or your own. To create a managed package, use a Developer Edition org.

From Setup, enter Packages in the Quick Find box, and then click Packages. To package a Lightning Bolt Solution, select Lightning Bolt Solution as the component type, and select the solution that we built.

Add Lightning Bolt Solution to the package.

Upload the package. Then distribute it on AppExchange, or share the link privately with your clients, customers, or partners.

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