Sales Cloud Einstein is a complete AI solution for sales teams that increases sales productivity with machine learning and business sentiment analysis. Sales Cloud Einstein includes automation of key processes, lead scoring, and insights about relevant accounts and opportunities.

Please review the below table to understand more about Sales Cloud Einstein features.

However in this article, we are going to implement sales cloud Einstein and enable those above mentioned features.

Sales Cloud Einstein Implementation: For Admins

1. Create & Assign Sales Cloud Einstein Permission Set

a. Ensure you have enough number of Sales Cloud Einstein Permission set license, to check navigate to :

Setup | Company Profile | Company information | Under Permission Set Licenses: “Sales Cloud Einstein”.

b. Assign Sales Cloud Einstein permission set license to user :

Setup | manage users | users | select any user | under “permission set license assignment” related list | Edit Assignment | Assign “Sales Cloud Einstein” permission set license to this user.

c. Create permission set and assign it to users.

=> Navigate to : Setup | manage users | Permission set | new | Enter the Label

=> Choose License: Sales Cloud Einstein | Save.

=> Click on App permissions | Edit and enable the following features

– Use Einstein Account Insights

– Use Einstein Activity Capture

– Use Einstein Lead Scoring

– Use Einstein Automated Contacts

– Use Einstein Opportunity Insights

2. Enable Sales Cloud Einstein Features

  • Switch to Lightning : Click on Setup
  • Navigate to : Feature Settings | Sales | Einstein Activity Capture | Einstein Setup Assistant

3. Wait 24 hours and Modify Page Layouts and List views

  • Include Einstein lightning Component to Account Page, Open any Account record.
  • Click on the setup icon and click Edit Page
  • From App Builder, include the Einstein Component to the page layout

Sales Cloud Einstein Implementation : For Users.

Once salesforce admin enabled Sales Cloud Einstein and setup the permissions , once users logged in they would see a prompt to start using Einstein.

Clicking the link will redirect them to associate email and calendar either Office 365 or Gmail to salesforce in order to start using Einstein Activity Capture.

After this is one-time setup process, users will be provided an option to control their activity visibility within salesforce, either they can share with everyone or any specific group or only within themselves.

Important Aspects of Sales Cloud Einstein

a. Einstein Lead Scoring : Focus on highest value leads first

    • From Setup | Einstein Sales | Assisted Setup
    • If it’s your first time visiting the setup page, click Get Started.

Note : The Sales Cloud Einstein setup page shows all the steps you need for Sales Cloud Einstein deployment, including how to assign Einstein to users.

    • Click Set Up next to Einstein Leading Scoring.
    • On the Settings page, click Set Up Now.
    • Choose the lead conversion milestone that matches your business practices. Does your sales team create opportunities when they convert leads, or do they simply convert leads to accounts and contacts?
    • Click Enable.
    • Using the Lightning App Builder, make sure that the Einstein Lead Score component was added to Lightning pages for leads. In Salesforce Classic, add the Einstein Score field to lead page layouts. The Einstein Score field can’t be used on the same page layout as the Lead Score Distribution or Conversion Rate by Lead Score report components.
    • After insights are available, add the Einstein Score field to public lead list views. Salesforce automatically adds this field to default list views.

b. Einstein Opportunity Insights : Secures opportunities and reduced forecast risk

Note : Follow same steps as Einstein Lead Scoring to enable Opportunity Insight and other following features

c. Einstein Account Insights : Discovers key business developments impacting your customers

d. Einstein Activity Capture : Logs data automatically so you can spend more time selling

e. Einstein Automated Contacts : Detects & recommends new contacts that can be added in few clicks

Note :

1. Opportunity Insights requires Activity Capture

2. Einstein Requires Standard Lead Conversion to Opportunity

3. Einstein Activity Capture requires Gmail / Office 365

4. Need to check your Sales Cloud Einstein Readiness?

Important FAQ’s:

1. Do I need to deploy to all users?

No, Once the permission set license is available, you can decide on how many users should have access to sales cloud Einstein

2. Is Lightning Required?

Yes, To benefit from the rich UX visualizations of Sales Cloud Einstein (e.g., Einstein Lead Scoring and Einstein Opportunity Insights in Assistant), you need to be on Salesforce Lightning.

If you are still on salesforce classic, you can still use the lead score from Einstein Lead Scoring as a field. However , you will not get the visibility into why the lead was scored as such.

  • Image and Features table source: Salesforce

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