Digital marketing is becoming complicated but essential wouldn’t you agree?

Now, That’s why we put together this Digital Marketing guide.

“Marketing used to be considered an Art, but nowadays, it’s a more of a Science.”

If you can master both the art and the science of Digital marketing then you are bound to be successful.This guide is divided into key sections that address each Digital Marketing focus area that you should be aware of and perfect as you reach out to your prospects and community at large.

So let’s get started!

Here’s what’s inside:

Part 1

How digital marketing is different than traditional corporate marketing

Now Firstly Let’s talk about What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is any online activity with the intention to:

  1. Grab attention of your visitors
  2. Drive people to your website
  3. Convince those people to join your email list, buy your product, or download your app

Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing is measurable. Which means you can identify what’s working, do more of it, and stop wasting time on failed campaigns.

Digital Marketing begins with traffic and when it comes to driving Traffic we tend to do these two common mistakes:-

1- We Don’t Try Any Traffic Strategies: We think our material should “sell itself.” It’s great, so people will just naturally find it…right!? We write posts that should go viral, that should inspire people to share, that should lead to people flooding our site and paying for our services. But the truth is, it just doesn’t work like that. We need to be active about promoting our material by getting it in front of our ideal audience.

2-We try every traffic strategy: It’s easy to get sucked into the digital marketing vortex :- SEO, PPC, Twitter, Snapchat, Affiliates you name it, there are some “gurus” out there telling you it’s the ONLY way to make money. “Get on board or you’ll be left behind!” The result is that we spend our time (and our money) in an ad-hoc fashion chasing the “next big thing” in digital marketing.

Neither plan is bound to work. But focusing on a few key strategies can take a small blog that nobody reads and turn it into a multimillion-dollar business.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to be strategic about digital marketing. You’ll discover how to start with the fundamentals, and scale up as you grow.

Part 2

Your 3-Step Digital Marketing Plan

So the 3-Step Digital Marketing Plan Consists of:

Step 1: Know who your customer is

A huge mistake is “trying out” digital marketing. It’s easier to set up a bunch of websites and landing pages and Google Analytics than to actually understand people. But when you create a digital marketing plan and understand your customer upfront, everything becomes easier:

  • You know exactly what to publish on your blog every time you sit down to write.
  • You instinctively understand the perfect audience of buyers for your ads.
  • You naturally start to form relationships with bigger businesses, creating profitable partnerships almost effortlessly.

So, Let’s Talk About A Strategy Called Immersive Strategy 101:-

There are three ways to get inside your customer’s head-

  1. Keep a running list of every time someone in your market mentions something about the following: a pain point, a fear, a hope, a dream, an obstacle. These are the deep emotional words and phrases that give you a clear picture of your market.
  2. Use a variety of sources when researching your market — Google searches, articles, Amazon reviews, Q&A sites like Quora and Reddit, and 1-on-1 conversations with people.
  3. Be playful and approach research with “a child’s mind.” What we mean by that is, be open to whatever you may find — gather notes on things like interesting phrases you find or surprising admissions from your market.

This sounds easy, but it’s not. However, the longer you practice the Immersion Strategy, the faster you’ll be able to speak to your customers in exactly the language they understand.

Step 2:Set One Goal

The way to grow is to focus on the ONE result you want from your marketing plan. Do you want:

  • To grow your email list?
  • Make more sales?
  • Snag a high-profile speaking gig?

Once you Set in on ONE goal, what you need to do to get there becomes much easier to figure out.

Step 3: Work backwards from your goal

Once you know your market, know your goal, and know what to focus on, it’s just a matter of simple math to create your digital marketing plan.

Let’s say the following two facts are true:

  1. Your goal is 1,000 new email subscribers in one year
  2. Currently you are getting an average of 10 new subscribers per week

At the current rate, you’ll get 520 subscribers if you continue doing what you’re doing now. (10 subscribers/week x 52 weeks per year).

So to reach your goal, you need to essentially double your current subscriber rate.

To do that you have 2 options:

  • Double your conversions (meaning twice as many of the people that visit your site opt in to your list)
  • Double your traffic (meaning more total people land on your site each week)

Part 3

Role of Social Media in Digital Marketing


Through social networking sites, you can directly interact with your customer base. You read their status updates and tweets to get into their day to day lives. As a result, you can manage your marketing strategy also. Additionally, we at #CloudFountain advice our customers to integrate social media with their CRM, e.g. enable social accounts in Salesforce.


When you stay in front of your customer base, they are more likely to buy from you. Social media marketing does not just keep your companies name in front of your target audience, but also gives you the opportunity to give them incentives to buy.


Social networking sites are very important for your business because it makes your business easier and more accessible for new customers and makes you more familiar and recognizable for existing customers. Social networking sites are the new channels for your company’s voice and content.


When you make a post or update your status on social networking sites is an opportunity for customers to convert. Your every post, status update, image or comment you share is a chance for someone to react, and every reaction could lead to a site visit and eventually a conversion. Not every reaction could lead to conversion, but every positive interaction may lead to conversation.


Research carried on customer insights that people are more loyal to brands that have an improved social media presence. It is because a socially active brand relates to its customer well. In order to relate, the customer who needs to understand your brand well needs to understand yourself well. So, you need to be active in social media to make your brand well defined. The more value you create for your audience more defined the set of definition goes. So, you need to be active on social media. The more your brand is active, more you gain on values. A socially active brand usually make it to the top of the mark.

This was the guide to a successful digital marketing strategy plan. Let us know about your experience while implementing the strategies and we will be eager to answer your queries. We at #CloudFountain Inc. are happy to assist with your digital marketing strategy and CRM practices.

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