What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing is a process that cannot be done by just sitting in one place. We need to attend meetings, send out a bunch of e-mails, set up some blogs which cannot be done in one day because it’s stressful, tiring until a solution was introduced which not only takes a little bit of weight of our shoulders but also makes our marketing process task-free, and this solution is Marketing Automation.

To be precise, Marketing Automation is a software that automatically does your tedious marketing tasks. It is designed to make your tasks as top priority and executes it in a more efficient and streamlined. Introducing Marketing Automation doesn’t make you jobless or less useful in the field instead it helps you be more effective and reach your goal faster. It will not jeopardise the contents that you are producing. The final goal with marketing is to produce more revenue for the company that you are working for and in order accomplish this we need customers. We need to drive traffic to our website, convert traffic into leads and close those leads into customers. Marketing Automation solutions makes the conversion and the closure stage of this process which in turn makes it easier for you.

Today every marketer relies on emails to do marketing and generate results. In order to make prospects and customers purchase they send email after email to their entire list hoping that the email might resonate with some of their prospects and customers and makes them buy. But marketers are just wasting their valuable time and money to people who are not interested for worse all it does is annoy them and that’s an ineffective way of doing marketing. But if we use the Marketing Automation Program, it will help to feed your prospects through the entire buying process delivering highly-targeted, personalized messages that address their specific barriers to purchase.

As shown below, following tasks can be automated by Marketing Automation solutions:

  • The marketer sends an email asking to download his/her latest e-book to a certain list of targeted contacts.
  • Later he/she sends a thank you note to all the contacts that downloaded the offer.
  • After some days are passed the marketer sends a follow up email offering a case study relating to that topic.
  • Finally, when someone downloads that case study, the marketer’s sales team will get the notification so they can follow up with them.

Now imagine yourself in your customer’s position. Wouldn’t you rather receive information about the products /services from the company like the emails above, instead of the emails that you know that being sent to thousands of other people? So the emails like above feels personalized and makes the company trustworthy and ultimately more likely to buy. It’s really hard to sell and close contracts with customers. By introducing new revenue many companies forget about their customers. It’s easy to sell to a customer who has already bought some products from your company. You can also provide contents to people who are looking for. Keep those customers engaged by giving them segmented content and convince them to keep purchasing.

That’s Marketing Automation in a nutshell. It has the ability to target your contacts and sends them content based on their likes and dislikes. You are feeding them information that is necessary for them and not useless information that will just end up in spam. You are making it less stressful for yourself and the buyer as well as increasing revenues for the company. Marketing Automation is not only about selling, it’s also about nurturing your prospects.

CloudFountain Inc. team has successfully implemented solutions integrating Marketing Automation solutions like Pardot, Marketo with CRM applications like Salesforce.com. We are glad to say that we have been successful in demonstrating tangible and measurable results by providing these solutions.

We have provided solutions and solved problems such as:

  • Implement Marketo/Pardot
  • Integrate with Salesforce.com
  • Reduce duplicate data
  • Create a Closed-loop marketing process to provide measurable results for marketing efforts
  • Provided Digital Marketing + Marketing Automation + CRM solution

As always, your feedback is invaluable. If you need any help with Marketing Automation solutions, integrating with CRM applications, issues with duplicate data in the Marketing Automation tools and/or CRM applications, we will be glad to help with our past experience helping our clients solve such problems.

Author: CloudFountain

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